Bootcamp for Hanhan’s separation anxiety

mei 23, 2018 Maikel

After moving to the Netherlands, my dog Hanhan developed a serious separation anxiety. So he kept barking and destroying stuff at home. At the time when I felt so frustrated and helpless, my neighbor recommended Maikel who helped her colleague showed her dog’s behavior issue. So I had a strong confidence in Maikel since the very beginning. Maikel trained Hanhan during the dog camp and also Hanhan stayed 3 weeks more when I was on vacation. When Hanhan came back home, he is more calm and he listens better. The most important is that he learned how to calm himself down when he is alone. So now, he can stay calmly in his crate while I am at work. This totally relieved my nerve. Beside being responsible and competent as a dog trainer, Maikel has indeed his passion and love for dogs. He thought Hanhan was too skinny, so he fed Hanhan well. So when I came back from vacation, I got not only a better behaved dog but also a healthier dog. Thanks Maikel!