Bootcamp Sam

juli 12, 2018 Maikel

In December, we adopted a rescue dog, Sam, from Romania, who is 2 years old. He was a sweetheart, but extremely sensitive, insecure and anxious. He wasn’t good with people he didn’t know very well. It escalated to nipping them when they came into the house, particularly men, because he was highly stressed and anxious.

It got to the point where we were on the verge of giving up on him, as it was causing us so much anxiety, but didn’t want to as we knew he could be an amazing dog.

Someone recommended Maikel to us and getting in touch with him was the best thing we could have done. Sam went to Bootcamp for almost 3 weeks, where he had intense training from Maikel to try and solve his nipping issues.

Maikel not only helped train Sam, but also coached us how to deal with his anxiety… and ours! We now have the confidence and tools to be able to deal with situations when they arise.

Sam is now a different dog and we are no longer scared to invite people over to the house!

Cannot thank Maikel enough!