Our dogs’ are now the best version of themselves

mei 9, 2017 Maikel

The coaching sessions by Maikel from Support 4 Dogs has been life changing, not only for our dogs but for us as well. In the first minutes of our first coaching session, we knew Maikel had some seriously amazing skills, he has an incredibly well trained eye and he picks up on the smallest changes in a dog’s body language. After our first coaching session, our dogs were no longer pulling on the leash. After the fourth coaching session both of our unruly rescue dogs are able to recall 100% of the time on an off-leash pack walk. Our dogs’ transformation under Maikel’s guidance has been astounding. It’s not just us who have seen this, but our friends also are amazed; our dogs’ are now the best version of themselves. We couldn’t be happier clients. Thank you so much Maikel.